Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Choosing A Home Air Filter For Deep Cleaning

This is a startling fact to all of us.

The EPA has indicated that the air quality at home is around 5 times more polluted than the air outside your home!

This is a ghastly thought! Imagine, you are breathing in polluted air at home- polluted air that is 5 times more in pollution than that in the great outdoors!

This alone is REASON enough to make us rush to get our own home air purifier so that we breathe in fresh clean air.

Now the air at home needs to be cleansed and purified , so how do we go about choosing a air purifier for the home?

Our criteria has to be an air purfier that

In my own study, I found the Oreck air purifier to meet these demands and criteria. To read the details and reviews of the Oreck Air Purifier, check the article "Oreck Air Purifiers - The Best Air Purifier For Your Needs".

If you are a user of the Oreck Air Purifier and have a review to share, please do leave your comments on this blog for the benefit of our readers.

You can also use the search below to research more on this topic.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Best Air Purifiers

How important is the air you breathe to you?

In this blog, I will address the importance of air quality- the air we breathe in and also we will see how we can ensure we are always able to get the best air. We will also look at air filters and air purifiers.

Actually, as someone who is always busy with other things, we can take our air for granted.

I happened to be so as well...until one day my son was found to be having a serious disease that involved chemotheraphy and the best air quality was needful. It was imperative for him to have fresh air that was free from air borne diseases and pollutants that was fatal to him.

Thus, I learnt about air and air purifiers . I have good news to tell you and also some exciting things to share with you in this blog on how to always get to breathe fresh air.

This I will do from day to day sharing with you on this blog. Welcome to my Best Air Purifiers blog.

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